Pauline Fétu

- Pregnancy Monitoring

Consultations at the practice or at home.

The consultation includes:
- Measuring blood pressure
- Urine analysis
- Examination
- Gynecological examination : palpation and measurement of the uterus, listening to heartbeat, examination of the perineum and vaginal examination (if necessary).
- More general review adapted to the purpose of the consultation.

- Antenatal Classes

Classes to be prepared for the arrival of your child in a global, physical, psychological or material way. These sessions are offered in individual sessions. As an indication, here is the proposal of the topics, this distribution being adapted to the wishes and expectations of each future mom (and future dad if he can be present!).

First session
- Reminders of the Anatomy and Physiology of Pregnancy
- When to go to maternity? Signs of early stage of labour
- Labourflow: from first contractions to birth

Second Session
- The management of pain and ways to implement
- Special cases (labour induced, forceps delivery or Caesarean section, ..)

Third Session
- Mum's first care and her stay at the hospital
- The first moments of the baby's life, first aid

Fourth Session
- Breastfeeding and bottlefeeding
- Weaning