The 9moispourtoi offers

Each couple works differently, which is why we have created 3 different services
so that you can choose the method that suits you.

Le chat 9mpt

The 24/7 chat, fast
and efficient

Thanks to our midwives graduated in France and based like you, abroad, 9moispourtoi advises you and answers all your questions. This way, you avoid unnecessary travel and are not left alone with your questions!


9moispourtoi also accompanies you in video consultation for any need for more in-depth and personalized support, whether it is preparation for birth or postnatal support; for baby’s feeding or sleeping issues or for you, don’t hesitate to make a video appointment. Different professionals are there for your tailor-made support wherever you are.

La visio 9mpt
Les ateliers 9mpt

9moispourtoi workshops

For about 45 minutes, we will discuss topics around pregnancy, childbirth, welcoming the newborn, etc., to better prepare you for certain situations. The workshops are done in small groups (15 people max) and are included in the 9moispourtoi  subscriptions.

9moispourtoi and you

Discover the commitments that we undertake to respect in order to accompany you
throughout the beautiful adventure that is the arrival of a child.

Thought by a midwife

9moispourtoi is an application designed by a midwife to meet a real need for support throughout maternity and even after.

Our professionals

The midwives of 9moispourtoi graduated in France and are carefully recruited by our teams in order to always better support you.

Privacy Policy

9moispourtoi data is hosted on a certified HSD (Health Data Host) server in order to comply with security and confidentiality standards.

A team of midwives available to answer you wherever you are in the world

Get your questions answered quickly. Being listened to, advised and reassured becomes child play.


accompanies you during your pregnancy wherever you are

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