L'histoire de 9moispourtoi
The story

of 9moispourtoi

At the start
Having grown up abroad on different continents (Europe, Asia, USA) it always seemed obvious to me that I would go back and that's what we did my husband and I with our 3 children in September 2018.
When settling in London, I was able to fulfill a first dream, starting on my own as a private midwife, under the name 9 Mois Pour Toi, being able to follow my patients from the start of their pregnancy up to several months after their baby was born.
This personalized follow-up, made of advice, availability and both physical and emotional support, fulfills me every day.

The 9moispourtoi application is the logical continuation of my professional career,
to better support single parents abroad, in the beautiful adventure that is the arrival of a child.

The birth

of 9moispourtoi

The evolution
The COVID crisis has allowed me to measure the extent to which future young parents abroad are on their own and so much isolated all through this period of their life. I started to set up video consultations as well as online support groups.
My husband working in technological innovations, I quickly understood and integrated technologies into my work in order to offer the best possible help to my patients.
From all this was born the 9moispourtoi application, which allows you to communicate with a midwife at each stage of pregnancy and in the months following the birth of your child.

The 9moispourtoi professional

Composed of French midwives who graduated in France, our team is there to listen to you, reassure you and support you.

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The 9moispourtoi technical team

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accompanies you during your pregnancy wherever you are

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