application 9moispourtoi
application 9moispourtoi

A personalized follow-up

Because it is so important to be listened to and reassured during pregnancy, the application 9moispourtoi allows you to communicate with a midwife at each stage of your pregnancy and in the months following the birth of your child.
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Wherever you are in the world

The 9moispourtoi application has been designed by health professionals, so that you can be supported at any time, anywhere in the world.
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application 9moispourtoi
application 9moispourtoi

Answers to all your questions

Whether you have questions during pregnancy or after, regarding your child's health and sleep, our experts are here to answer you.
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To accompany you throughout your pregnancy whatever your needs: advice, support, explanations, come and chat with us on the 9moispourtoi application. French midwives qualified in France are here for you!


Support you and answer all your questions, help you deal with certain difficulties early and quickly.


Answer your questions and help you understand your baby's rythm to help each family differently according to their choices and needs, while explaining what is consistent at each stage of your child's development.


When the time comes to diversify your baby's diet, we are here to answer your questions and advise you on the introduction of new food regardless of the type of diversification chosen.


To answer doubts, questions, to help you prepare as well as possible for the arrival of your baby.


For mothers : advice for postnatal recovery but also day-to-day support so that you never feel alone with your questions, doubts or fears. Advice on contraception, your perineum, etc.

On baby's side: support when returning home 24 hours a day, support for breastfeeding or help in understanding bottle-feeding rhythm, advice on crying and answering all your questions.


accompanies you during your pregnancy wherever you are

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